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The Tecnocave S.r.l. began his career in 1984 by importing and selling equipment and accessories for marble and granite quarries.

Following broadens its range of products distributing materials for the production of abrasives, such as magnesium, sulfur, silicon carbide, corundum, pumice and polishing powders in general, metallic grit for granite sawing and sanding.

To better meet the needs of its customers domestic and foreign, acquires more experience up to the distribution of ISO 9001.

In 1986 the Tecnocave S.r.l. moved to a new place, bigger and capable, and through its own resources, intensifies the widespread distribution on the local market, delivering the goods at the premises of its customers very quickly. Contextually equip its warehouse stocks of goods increasingly significant and renewed in order to have wider availability of products and alleviate costly and cumbersome to store its customers.

The success of Tecnocave S.r.l. and its growth continues, there is a philosophy based on some points:
• Use of materials and processes high quality
• Investment in research and development of new products, new technologies, best performance - price
• Service prompt and professional assistance is focused on total products, training of operators.

At the same distribution, Tecnocave Srl begins the widespread dissemination of specific equipment for the exploitation of marble quarries.
It becomes exclusive worldwide dilators Hydrobags pillows and all materials of normal consumption, thereby strengthening its position in business and technology that leads to a focal point for the distribution of specific products and the study of evolution of new technologies related to the exploitation of stone deposits generally.
The seriousness and professionalism of all personnel of Tecnocave Srl has meant that many domestic and foreign clients are resting against it as trustees.